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Category: Risk Management

  • 3 tips to a top property investment structure

    In a previous post, we looked at the considerations first-timers and seasoned property investors need to work through in order to optimise their portfolio purchasing structure and power. Essentially, how do you minimise risk whilst maximising return? The fact is every property investor might well have a number of different structuring opportunities that can be … Read More

  • Who (or what) should buy your next property investment?

    Although first-time investors rarely consider their property ownership structure options, this is perhaps one of the most critical aspects that you need to get right from the start. Often the decision to buy an investment property is accompanied by an assumption that the investor will make said purchase in their own name (solely), or in … Read More

  • Property investors – do you have the right protection?

    Financial planning involves numerous elements and one that I believe is commonly overlooked is asset protection. To me, ‘forgetting’ this important detail is like designing a car without any safety features. Of course, we never ‘plan’ or ‘expect’ to have a car crash – it just happens. However, in the event that we do crash, … Read More

  • 6 good reasons why NOT to buy property within an SMSF

    With an ever-rising tide of Self Managed Super Fund hysteria, we think it’s time to lend some balance and perspective to the very popular investment debate of the day – the acquisition of real estate within your own fund structure. It seems you can barely step foot into any social setting these days (particularly as … Read More

  • Less speed? More haste? How quickly should I grow my property portfolio?

    Everyone wants to get rich quick! And at certain points in the property cycle, (like the one we are at right now), many property investors get swept up in all the media hype of a market that is talked about as ‘bubbling with buyer activity’. They race in, all guns blazing, to snap something up … Read More

  • Noise sells newspapers, but don’t mistake media fodder for investment advice

    The digital time and space we live in is interesting, particularly when it comes to how the media reports the health and fortunes of Australia’s residential housing sector. Lately, there has been a lot of talk about a “property bubble” and while I have read a couple of interesting articles on this topic, most of … Read More

  • How to make lenders take notice

    Your ability (or inability) to fund property investment purchases really hinges on your capacity to access finance. The truth is, finance is king for the property investor. If you slow or prevent access to finance, everything else slows down. If your plan or goals involve buying properties, but you haven’t got a hope of getting … Read More

  • Do you have an investment plan?

    Or are you too busy listening to the noise? With so much ongoing hype around our property markets, it’s easy for investors to feel somewhat perplexed as to what type of action would be most beneficial for their portfolio right now. That is, if you base your investment decisions on the opinions of others and … Read More

  • 2 sure-fire ways to avoid investment over-analysis

    Research is obviously necessary in order to confidently enter and explore your potential to achieve the right balance of income and growth, within the property investment arena. However, as much as a thorough knowledge of the market in which you intend to acquire your investment is essential, research can quickly become your Achilles Heel. People … Read More

  • Empowering your plans & achieving your investment goals

    If you fail to plan, you plan to fail…is a very common saying that you have no doubt heard in relation to the property investment game. Whilst this is true, the rest of that saying should go something like this…if you fail to follow through on your plans, you are doomed to fail indefinitely. One … Read More