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Category: Property Investing

  • Tax matters Part 2 – Interesting mortgage facility considerations

    There are numerous considerations when it comes to establishing a mortgage with which to purchase an investment property. Do you opt for all the bells and whistles offered by the bank and will you be required to pay early exit fees? Will you be afforded the capacity to redraw any extra funds paid into your … Read More

  • Property investment players – what (and who) you need to know

    One thing that can be nerve-racking for potential property investors is the challenge of dealing with industry players, particularly real estate agents. As with anything, before starting out it helps to know who will provide you with the best help along your investment journey and whom you should perhaps be a little wary of. So … Read More

  • The 2 “first things” every property investor should do

    Property investment is not something to be entered into lightly. However, all too often people “dabble” in residential real estate without a clear understanding as to the nature of housing markets, let alone the basic principles of creating a wealth generating investment portfolio. Invariably they neglect the two most critical components of successful property investing … Read More