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  • tedx talk

    Could equity crowd funding & technology revolutionise the future of real estate finance?

    In this inspired Tedx Talk, all that you know about the conventional lending landscape is questioned. As more young, emerging entrepreneurs look at new and unique ways to connect with the world around them and put the world’s capital back in the hands of the people, we’re seeing revolutionary new ideas associated with the use of … Read More

  • Harrods luxury

    A little inspiration for your aspirations

    If you fancy being served some tea with your toast ‘Harrods style’, then this might be the type of place you can see yourself ‘downsizing’ to in retirement… The bespoke chandeliers or view over 350 acres of Hyde Park are not the most impressive things about the new £12m luxury apartment in Connaught Place, near … Read More

  • notting hill london

    When rom-coms & real estate collide…London’s wrong side of the tracks suddenly becomes so very right!

    The intricacies of asset selection are intriguing, particularly when a location historically considered to be the ‘wrong side of the tracks’, suddenly starts to find favour with young trendsetters for one reason or another. And that’s exactly what’s happened in an area once reserved for shabby bedsits to house backpackers, budget-conscious tourists and out-of-work actors. Yes, West … Read More

  • SJP sells house

    SJP sells sexy inner city house that she never actually lived in

    Bricks and mortar mad Sarah Jessica Parker and husband Matthew Broderick recently offloaded their upmarket New York Village townhouse for close to $20 million. While that’s definitely not chump change, it’s reported that the property loving pair didn’t exactly make a killing on the deal, apparently being forced to reduce their initial asking price and … Read More

  • jonathan-and-drew-scott-property-brothers

    The Property Brothers – Making real estate ridiculously good looking

    All the ladies (young and old) love them, while most men wish they could look so ‘well-put-together’ whilst knocking down walls with a sledgehammer. But there’s more to TV’s ‘Property Brothers’ Jonathon and Drew Scott than just charming, dimpled smiles. The pair are passionate about helping others and in particular, giving homebuyers a boost up the property ladder through … Read More

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