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Category: Lending advice

  • The property investment number’s game

    Many people find themselves winging it when it comes to how much money they have coming in and going out each week, fortnight or month. However the truth is, if you have any significant financial commitments – particularly a mortgage – you should be budgeting on a regular basis. Failing to budget is like a … Read More

  • Finding your financial comfort zone as a property investor

    The need to ‘outdo the Jones’s’ or ‘have it all yesterday’ can be a real driving factor for people getting into the real estate game. That’s why there are so many ‘get rich quick’ spruikers pedalling their wares, whilst proclaiming that we can all be property millionaires in a matter of minutes. The problem is … Read More

  • Why property investors could benefit from a mortgage broker BFF

    Property investment is a serious business and needs to be approached as such. Just as a CEO wouldn’t think to run a company alone, recognising the need to hire properly qualified professionals to undertake those tasks they either cannot perform or that would consume time better spent elsewhere, smart property investors choose to surround themselves … Read More

  • It’s not you, it’s me: The mortgage insurer/lender relationship

    In a related blog entitled Mortgage insurer – the puppeteers behind the players – we explained the somewhat controversial role that mortgage insurers play in Australian lending practices. For property investors, understanding the more intricate workings of the finance sector gives you greater insight into how to approach lenders, and far more confidence in seeking … Read More

  • Mortgage insurers – the puppeteers behind the players

    Property investors and homebuyers alike are aware of the role lenders play when it comes to making or breaking our ability to get into the real estate game. In fact, the first thing we think about when considering buying real estate is generally, ‘Who will I approach for a loan?’ However, most people give very … Read More

  • Where do lenders get their money? (and why you should care)

    As a property investor, it is critical to understand all of the facets that can impact how and when you secure further assets for your portfolio. One of the biggest mistakes I see borrowers who are embarking on the property investment journey make, is failing to have any understanding as to how lenders obtain the … Read More

  • The who’s who of property investment funding

    It seems everywhere you turn these days, lenders are spruiking their wares in a bid to swipe and retain as much market share as possible. And who can blame them? After all, that is what their stakeholders demand – larger profit margins and better performing share prices. In our current low interest rate environment, it’s … Read More

  • A history lesson every property investor should heed

    Obtaining finance and implementing optimal debt structures is the number one consideration for anyone looking to successfully profit from property investment. After all, very few of us can afford to just buy a house or apartment outright and even if we could, doing so is unadvisable – it is not the way to make the … Read More

  • Supercharge Your Portfolio

    The best way to fast-track your portfolio and acquire more properties is to maximise your borrowable equity Often property investors refer to “equity” as the difference between a property’s current value and the mortgage balance(s) secured by it (i.e. what they owe). This definition is meaningful in that it is a good measure of wealth … Read More