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Category: Lending advice

  • Thinking about property development?

    In last week’s blog we looked at construction finance for those thinking about building their own home or perhaps one investment property. While a normal residential construction loan applies to the development of anything up to and including three dwellings, when you start talking about building more than three properties on an allotment, you will … Read More

  • Construction finance – what you need to know

    Building your dream home or developing an investment property from scratch is a fairly sizeable challenge to take on. While the prospect of creating something brand new with all the mod cons is exciting, there are also many factors to consider which can make it overwhelming too. One of the most important considerations, as with … Read More

  • SMSF property investing – costs, errors & advisors

    Been thinking about borrowing to add an investment property to your Self Managed Super Fund (SMSF)? Have you considered the logistics of doing so? How much you need in your fund to start with? What it might cost you? And of course, how much you can actually borrow? Currently, the maximum a SMSF can borrow … Read More

  • The ins & outs of property investment borrowing within your SMSF

    Self Managed Superannuation Funds have become the ‘new black’ in property investment circles. This is largely due to legislative changes introduced by the Howard government back in September 2007, to provide an exception to the general rule that prohibits super funds from borrowing money. This exception relates to what is commonly referred to as an … Read More

  • A property investor’s worst nightmare – are you at risk?

    Property investment, as with any type of large financial outlay, is not without risk. One of the worst things you can do as an investor is over-extend yourself financially, to the point where you are drowning in debt. Even if you are careful enough to create a budget and plan your borrowings to limit the … Read More

  • Are you an attractive property investor?

    Okay, so that might seem like a bit of a forward question to ask given that we don’t really know one another that well, but let me put it into context. Will lenders look favourably on you as a loan applicant when it comes to your borrowing history? Are you an attractive candidate to whom … Read More

  • Tax matters Part 1 – People, partners & your property investment

    Given that tax time is literally right around the corner, I thought it would be fitting to cover some details about what property investors can and cannot claim when it comes to their borrowing costs. This can be quite a complex area to navigate and will depend on a number of things, including the ownership … Read More