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Category: Lending advice

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    The pros and cons of borrowing to invest with a buddy

    Property has become the hot topic at many a backyard barbecue and dinner party in recent times. More and more people want to get into the game and with affordability continuing to be cause for concern, a lot of punters are willing to ‘partner up’ to get a slice of the action. Capital city property … Read More

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    Exploring the world of wraps – a special property investment report

    A ‘wrap’ is another term for buying property using what is referred to as vendor financing. Common in the US and other countries, vendor financing is not as widely practised in Australia, but has caught on a bit more in recent times. Investors can use vendor finance to both buy and sell property. With regard … Read More

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    Keep the big picture in mind when assessing your lending options

    Given the current, competitive lending environment we find ourselves in today, I felt it was timely to review the options available to property investors when it comes to securing that all important property investment finance. All too often, we forget about any other potential source of credit because we’re ‘taken in’ by the marketing monopoly … Read More

  • Big 4 laugh all the way to the bank as lending landscape remains unchanged

    Australia’s banking sector is an interesting beast. Monopolized by the so-called Big 4, who ate up most of what constituted “the competition” – smaller, second tier lenders – post-GFC, our lending landscape has changed very little over the decades. Since the business of borrowing began in earnest with the early settlers of our wide brown … Read More

  • Interest rates into 2015 and beyond – a brief glimpse of what’s to come

    Media commentary has been bursting at the seams with hype around interest rates and investors taking advantage of consistently cheaper credit opportunities to snap up residential real estate, right throughout 2014. In fact, so much talk has gone on that I think as we bring this year to a close and ring in 2015, we … Read More

  • Should I obtain pre-approval for my property investment loan?

    In our experience, it’s clear that the more work investors do in terms of property selection and finance structuring prior to venturing into the marketplace, the less likely they are to encounter any issues during the subsequent purchase and settlement of their chosen asset. When it comes to being prepared, one of a property investor’s … Read More

  • Do you know how much your home loan is costing you?

    If you answer “no”, it’s probably a timely decision to review your financial position and consider what else is out there in the market, because the Australian lending landscape has never been as competitive as it is now. Why refinance? Refinancing lets you alter your loan to suit your changing needs and provide you with … Read More

  • Breaking a fixed rate – it’s all about the costs!

    Over a decade ago now, way back in 2003, I wrote an article regarding the true cost of breaking a fixed rate loan contract. At that time, much like now, there was a lot of hype around some of the fixed product offerings from the big banks, which just happened to coincide with an extended … Read More

  • How to make lenders take notice

    Your ability (or inability) to fund property investment purchases really hinges on your capacity to access finance. The truth is, finance is king for the property investor. If you slow or prevent access to finance, everything else slows down. If your plan or goals involve buying properties, but you haven’t got a hope of getting … Read More