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Category: Investing strategy

  • Is SMSF borrowing for property investment purposes for you?

    Our last few posts have focused on the logistics of borrowing to invest in property within your Self Managed Superannuation Fund (SMSF). We’ve discussed the financial considerations, the legal requirements and the advisors you’ll need on board to ensure everything is done correctly and in line with the strict guidelines governing this particular structure. But … Read More

  • SMSF property investing – costs, errors & advisors

    Been thinking about borrowing to add an investment property to your Self Managed Super Fund (SMSF)? Have you considered the logistics of doing so? How much you need in your fund to start with? What it might cost you? And of course, how much you can actually borrow? Currently, the maximum a SMSF can borrow … Read More

  • Property investment players – what (and who) you need to know

    One thing that can be nerve-racking for potential property investors is the challenge of dealing with industry players, particularly real estate agents. As with anything, before starting out it helps to know who will provide you with the best help along your investment journey and whom you should perhaps be a little wary of. So … Read More

  • Why I prefer property investment…and why I think you will too

    When you weigh up the differences between property investments and shares, it becomes quite apparent that acquiring high growth residential real estate assets is generally a more straightforward proposition for most people. Understanding bricks and mortar is far easier and you have the ability to maintain a greater level of control over your portfolio, which … Read More

  • Property investment versus shares – what’s your cup of tea?

    The debate around property and shares has raged for many years, with a lot of investors and industry commentators favouring one asset class over the other. However, I do not see the value in a property versus shares discussion because at the end of the day, both are known as ‘growth asset classes’ and, as … Read More

  • Should you put all your property investment eggs in one basket?

    Experts will tell you that diversification is a very important factor to take into account when constructing an investment portfolio and strategy. The theory is that you should invest in asset classes that perform differently in the same market environment. For example, when the stock market is down, fixed interest investments might be up and … Read More

  • The 2 “first things” every property investor should do

    Property investment is not something to be entered into lightly. However, all too often people “dabble” in residential real estate without a clear understanding as to the nature of housing markets, let alone the basic principles of creating a wealth generating investment portfolio. Invariably they neglect the two most critical components of successful property investing … Read More

  • Buffett’s 5 Property Investing Rules

    I read with great interest an article written by Warren Buffett last week about his experiences with property investing (interesting because most of his articles relate to share investing). I have pasted below Buffett’s 5 rules of property investing from this article [with my comments in square brackets]. Please read them! 1.  You don’t need … Read More