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  • Should I obtain pre-approval for my property investment loan?

    In our experience, it’s clear that the more work investors do in terms of property selection and finance structuring prior to venturing into the marketplace, the less likely they are to encounter any issues during the subsequent purchase and settlement of their chosen asset. When it comes to being prepared, one of a property investor’s … Read More

  • Do you know how much your home loan is costing you?

    If you answer “no”, it’s probably a timely decision to review your financial position and consider what else is out there in the market, because the Australian lending landscape has never been as competitive as it is now. Why refinance? Refinancing lets you alter your loan to suit your changing needs and provide you with … Read More

  • Do I need my own property advocate?

    Real estate agents are very good at selling. They have to be to survive the cutthroat world of commissions and cold calls. Their entire focus is on achieving the best sales price possible for their client – the vendor, because that ultimately means a higher pay cheque. They live and breathe their local housing market, … Read More

  • 6 good reasons why NOT to buy property within an SMSF

    With an ever-rising tide of Self Managed Super Fund hysteria, we think it’s time to lend some balance and perspective to the very popular investment debate of the day – the acquisition of real estate within your own fund structure. It seems you can barely step foot into any social setting these days (particularly as … Read More

  • Manufacturing equity – the do’s & don’ts of renovating your property investment

    A property investor’s best ally is undeniably equity. Manufacturing equity, through carefully planned and executed refurbishments, is an excellent method of increasing your investment portfolio’s value and leveraging into further property investments. While anyone has the capacity to look at a property and think of ways to increase its value, it’s not necessarily quite so … Read More

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