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  • Are you paying the government too much of your property investment capital?

    The amount of tax we pay matters to us all. As the late Kerry Packer (at the time he was Australia’s richest man) once said to a government inquiry, ‘Of course I am minimising my tax. ‘And if anybody in this country doesn’t minimise their tax, they want their heads read, because as a government, … Read More

  • 3 tips to a top property investment structure

    In a previous post, we looked at the considerations first-timers and seasoned property investors need to work through in order to optimise their portfolio purchasing structure and power. Essentially, how do you minimise risk whilst maximising return? The fact is every property investor might well have a number of different structuring opportunities that can be … Read More

  • Who (or what) should buy your next property investment?

    Although first-time investors rarely consider their property ownership structure options, this is perhaps one of the most critical aspects that you need to get right from the start. Often the decision to buy an investment property is accompanied by an assumption that the investor will make said purchase in their own name (solely), or in … Read More

  • Big 4 laugh all the way to the bank as lending landscape remains unchanged

    Australia’s banking sector is an interesting beast. Monopolized by the so-called Big 4, who ate up most of what constituted “the competition” – smaller, second tier lenders – post-GFC, our lending landscape has changed very little over the decades. Since the business of borrowing began in earnest with the early settlers of our wide brown … Read More

  • Interest rates into 2015 and beyond – a brief glimpse of what’s to come

    Media commentary has been bursting at the seams with hype around interest rates and investors taking advantage of consistently cheaper credit opportunities to snap up residential real estate, right throughout 2014. In fact, so much talk has gone on that I think as we bring this year to a close and ring in 2015, we … Read More

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