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    How does the location of your house drive your investment strategy?

    The location of your “great Australian dream” can dramatically alter your wealth building activities and as such, you must take this into account when developing your investment strategy. Homes are typically not purchased with the sole or dominant reason of building wealth as there are many non-financial, lifestyle factors that influence where we live. However, … Read More

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    What if you approached building your personal wealth with the same energy that you bring to your career?

    Have you ever met a tradesman that has many unfinished projects at home? They have all the knowledge, experience and tools to do this work themselves but fail to do so. Isn’t it ironic how these tradesmen will make improvements to a customer’s home but not their own? Why is it they put their customers … Read More

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    Three million dollar questions

    Charlie Sheen’s character in the movie Wall Street (1987), Bud Fox, said “Life all comes down to a few moments. This is one of them”. History has shown us that just one good or bad decision can change the course of someone’s life. I have ponded if this statement is true for investing as well. … Read More

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    The pros and cons of borrowing to invest with a buddy

    Property has become the hot topic at many a backyard barbecue and dinner party in recent times. More and more people want to get into the game and with affordability continuing to be cause for concern, a lot of punters are willing to ‘partner up’ to get a slice of the action. Capital city property … Read More

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    Can you have your cashflow cake and a piece of the capital growth property pie?

    Those in the property game who prioritise returns are said to be ‘positive cashflow investors’. Their strategy is to seek out properties that generate enough rental income to cover all holding costs (i.e. Interest repayments, management fees, maintenance, etc.), and essentially provide a positive return. Often, capital growth is a secondary consideration when employing a … Read More

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